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About Us

Fusion LED Lighting is a direct provider of DLC Premium energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for organizations in the US. Our company has years of experience in the LED lighting industry utilizing and providing solutions for energy efficient LED lighting for signage, parking lot lights, area lighting, and warehouse workspace lighting.

Fusion LED Lighting was formed in 2015 as a sister company to Fusion LED Inc. to provide LED lighting solutions to organizations coupled with installation services.  Fusion LED is a manufacturer of high quality LED digital displays in the USA.  Fusion LED has strategic partnerships with other manufacturers to offer an array of long-lasting and energy efficient LED lighting solutions.

The founders of Fusion LED Inc., Richard James ad Darick Endecott,  have worked in the digital sign industry for many years.  Their experience has provided them with the ability to identify quality products that will deliver the desired return on investment for their clients.  There are so many products on the market to choose from, it is difficult for a client to locate a long lasting solution that will meet their requirements.  Fusion LED Lighting was created for that very reason and is dedicated to true ROI results.